What is Reiki? And why you should try it!

What is Reiki?

I get asked this question a lot and when I first started out in 2016 I waffled on about energy and the divine and was met which much apprehension. Six years later, alternative therapies have become more accepted, and more people are willing to give them a go. And they’re discovering mind blowing experiences and healing. So back to the question at hand ‘What is Reiki?’. Reiki is an energy healing, a type of alternative medicine where the universal energy is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to you, the client.

Again, with this kind of answer comes lots of follow up questions and below I’ll seek to answer the most common questions.

What do you do during reiki?

Usually you, the client, will lie down on your back in a comfortable position with a pillow and a blanket. If lying down is uncomfortable you can also sit in a chair but most enjoy the ability to fully relax by lying down.

During the session, the practitioner places one hand on the upper chest and the other hand just above the belly button. The session begins like this while music softly plays and continues for an hour. During this time the practitioner may feel drawn to move to other parts of the body in which case the hands will be moved to this area, either being placed back on the body or hovering just over.

What happens during a reiki session? What will I get out of it?

This is a question I can only answer very vaguely as the experience of reiki is specific to the individual. As it is an energy healing from the divine what you receive is specific to you and is always exactly what you need in that time of your life. You may come to a session with an outcome in mind and that may be achieved, or there may be something else that’s needed before the energy can assist in full. Healing may be emotional, physical, or mental. Reiki assists with balancing the bodies energies, removing blocks, reducing stress, reducing pain, relieving stored traumas, it promotes grounding and provides a space for the body and the mind to rest. There are many different ways reiki can heal and assist you in one session or during ongoing sessions as part of your holistic self care.

During the session, many people report having sensations such as feeling cold or warm at different times, feeling rushes of energy. Other people have what they describe as dreams but they weren’t asleep. Other people see colours while some people fall asleep. All of these experiences are unique and are perfect for their experience.

The best advice I can give is to just give it a try 😊

Elise Wilson, Reiki Practitioner