What is Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga is just like normal yoga, but with both ground AND chair to support you! This modified style of accessible yoga allows us to enjoy many of the same poses of a standard yoga class with added stability and support using a standard chair as a prop.

Accessible Yoga with all the benefits of regular yoga

Chair yoga has all the same benefits of regular yoga; increased flexibility, strength, balance as well as better mood, concentration and relaxation! The only difference is that chair yoga is accessible for everyone. In saying that chair yoga is for everyone, it is especially good for yogi’s with health and mobility issues or balance problems. It also can be great if you have a leg injury and want to keep up your practice while it heals.

Chair Yoga for exciting flights and boring desk jobs

For those without injury or need for accessibility support, many of our chair yoga poses are also great when you are stuck on a long haul flight (don’t we wish!) or even a particularly long conference call at work (2021 zoom call yoga anyone?).

How does Chair Yoga work?

In some cases, the chair is used like we might use a yoga block in a regular class, in other poses, the alteration is more obvious, like sitting during triangle!

Here’s a few examples of how we use the chair to make poses more accessible for all.

Star Pose – chair yoga style


This is a great example of using the chair like a yoga block – useful if you have balance issues, or even as a beginner as you work on strength and flexibility.

Wide Legged Downward Dog – chair yoga style

One of the best known yoga poses, adapted for balance and age, helping stretch back and shoulders, aid circulation and reduce anxiety. Again, using the chair like a high yoga block, keeping you raised a little higher.

Imagine if you could be supported while doing warrior poses? Stop dreaming and start chair yoga! As you can see from this image, even warriors can sit on chairs, and get all the benefits.
Reverse Warrior – chair yoga style

Due to its supported nature, chair yoga is a truly gentle introduction to yoga, suitable for all ages and ailments. More information about our low-impact chair yoga class with relaxation is available here.

If you would like to chat more about chair yoga and how it might suit you personally, please give us a call on 0419 286 966.

Brightest blessings x